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About Podcasts

So you just had to know more, huh? Well, read on. If this page does not thoroughly confuse you, nothing will!

A podcast is a computer audio file - often an MP3 file, but may be in other formats - that is available for download to a computer, portable music player, or cellular phone. A podcast uses something called an RSS Feed for delivery. RSS feeds are subscription services that notify subscribers when new content is available on the internet. They were originally intended to be used as a way to notify of news updates. They are now also used for blogs, audio files, and video files. Software, referred to as a "podcatcher" is used to access the RSS feed, receive updates, and download any new files, often to be placed on the user's iPod or other portable player (more about that next).

Credit for coining the term "podcasting" is given to various people, however it is undoubtedly intended to be a pun on the word "broadcasting" and refers to the use of Apply iPods, at one point dominating the portable digital music scene, as the preferred medium for playing files. There are now thousands of podcasts available on the internet. It has become an inexpensive way for people to create and distribute their own audio or video recorded "shows."

The following list provides a few links to provide more information about podcasting or help you access directory of podcasts:

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