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About Audiology Talk

Are you sure you want to know more? OK, you asked for it. Don't say we didn't warn you...

AudiologyTalk was conceived much like any new baby - with a lot of confusion, screaming, and crying. Co-hosts of the show, John A. Coverstone and Dean Flyger are both audiologists and therefore gluttons for punishment. They both realized one day that they wanted to give something back to the profession that has given them so much. Namely, ulcers, permanently loud speech, and a chronic inability to distinguish left from right. A new episode of AudiologyTalk will be available each month, at least until one or both of our listeners demand either that we stop or that we provide additional episodes each month.

AudiologyTalk is an effort to bring news, information, and education to audiologists in an entirely new way. In a profession that specializes in hearing, nearly all our sources of professional media are in print! Each episode, AudiologyTalk will bring you current news of interest to audiologists. We will also host a guest each show and allow our listeners to call in and speak to the guest directly. If you are interested in joining us and one of our guests, see the page about calling in to the show.

We hope you find AudiologyTalk informative and entertaining. But if you don't - keep it to yourself! There are still lots of unsuspecting audiologists out there that don't know any better.


The following are some FAQs about our program - taken from the home page as it read after we launched the program. To be honest, nobody ever asks us anything - we think it's because they don't think we know the answers. However, should people ask us about the program we think this is what they would ask and how they would probably ask it.

What the heck are we doing?
AudiologyTalk is the professional talk show for audiologists that is published via monthly podcast or MP3 download. Each month, the hosts of AudiologyTalk share current audiology and healthcare news, explore current or breaking topics in hearing and vestibular healthcare, and share ideas with our listeners. AudiologyTalk is a very unique show and the only serial offering for audiologists in audio format. We take great pride in offering a professional-sounding, informative, and enjoyable show to audiologists across the U.S.

News of What?
Each show, we bring you up to date on recent news in audiology and healthcare. News may include a variety of subject areas and a wide scope of items of interest to audiologists, including emerging procedures in audiology, upcoming research, new technology, or timely events. We scour the world for news of interest so you don't need to!

Guests? I Haven't Cleaned!
We also invite a guest to join us each show and discuss matters of current interest. Our guests will include leaders within our profession, researchers, recognized authorities in healthcare, and other individuals of interest to audiologists and the field of audiology.

You Think You're Funny or Something?
Don't be surprised if AudiologyTalk occasionally tickles your funny bone! No show would be entertaining without some humor. Join us as we explore some of the light-hearted aspects of audiology and healthcare. Share a laugh with us and our guests and we dip into the humorous side of our profession and humanity in general. Remember, laughter really is the best medicine!

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